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Testimonials of our Customers

Reflective Vinyl Striping on CRV

Reflective Vinyl Striping on CRV

Dear Sir
I would like to comment on this reflective striping , I have use alot of the major brand names of vinyl and it does not compare to how easy this vinyl was to apply without bubbles , I would also like to say that the customer service for this item is outstanding . The reflectiveness of this vinyl made the customer very impressed with the finish job as you can see in the picture Thanks again and well be looking for more vinyl in the near future.
Rick Short
New Foundland, Canada

Reflective Vinyl Striping on Motorcycle

Dear Sir
I have applied the 1/4" black reflective striping to the rims and hard luggage on my 1998 VFR800, as
well as around the base of my helmet and on my Chatterbox communicator. The black striping on black a background is very discrete and relatively unnoticeable during the day, but is surprisingly reflective at night. I think this will definitely increase the visibility of my bike at night, partcularly since it is completely black. I have only just applied the product, but from what I have observed while trying to remove a botched first attempt, it looks like the overall adhesion will be very good. Pictures are attached.
Ken G
London, Ontario, Canada

Reflective Vinyl Striping on Boat

Dear Sir
I would just like to comment on how easy the pinstripe was to put on the boat. Being a novice I thought I would have a problem with the application, especially because of the curve of the boat. As it turned out with a little help from my wife, I was able to apply the pinstripe tape with relative ease. The end product was, as can be seen from the picture, a much improved looking sailboat.
Mike Galea
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Reflective Vinyl Striping on Car

Thanks so much for your fantastic customer service. I've never dealt with a company that responds so quickly to questions and requests. I thought you might like to see how I put your product to use... personally, I think the bright orange complements the deep red surprisingly well. If I ever need reflective pinstriping again, I know exactly who to come to.
Thanks again!
Cliff Lyles
Georgia, USA

Reflective Vinyl Striping on Kayak

I just want to thank you again for offering such a great product. It looks amazing on my kayak and has significantly improved visibility in low-light conditions. I hope I never need a search party at night, but if I do, your striping is going to make me so much easier to be spotted. I put some of the leftover tape on my paddles, bilge pump and life jacket. The adhesion properties are terrific and it was so easy to apply. I will have to look no further than to you for future purchases of reflective tape. Your polite and rapid communication with me was a really nice experience and you made the payment process easy.
Thank You
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Reflective Vinyl Striping on Car

I know this is a bit late but I wanted to send you the pics of my car with your vinyl striping applied to it. I bought the striping tape from you last year and I was completely satisfied with it, I have forwarded your website address to my forum group so that other members of my forum can buy your awesome striping tape, our forum is for the 2014 + Mazda 3
Richard L Harris
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Reflective Vinyl Striping on Car Wheel

This is a great quality product. I've been using it for over 1-1/2 years and it has withstood all weather conditions and looks just as good now as it did when it was first applied. I would also like to thank www.autopinstripes.com and their team for the awesome customer service and quick shipping that they have always shown.
Jamason Carter , Arkansas , USA

Reflective Vinyl Striping on VOLVO Front Reflective Vinyl Striping on VOLVO Rear  Black Reflective Vinyl Striping on Volkswagen Car

I am sending pictures of my cars, No Problem to do it, Good Product Quality ! Thanks a lot, Best regards

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